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My Money Blog

My Money BlogI typically browse the Internet searching for investments as well as money making ideas. I am trying to find how I can boost my savings and investing, learn new things, “games”, money plays, you name it, which can pocket a few more bucks back home (to my own pocket). This is how I came across Lending Club as a potential investment opportunity, I created a dividend income strategy in my IRA account to boost saving by compounding reinvested dividends and I still search for new ideas and great blogs.

One of the blogs I found recently and consider as great one is My Money Blog. It depicts the financial journey of a young guy with great experience (in my opinion) with a few great ideas how to save, invest and make more money. I haven’t read everything yet, but I definitely will be doing it.

If you are like me, searching for new ideas, strategies and experience of others Jonathan’s blog is one of those you would like to read.

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