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My portfolio beats the market again

Once again my results this week made me happy. My combined portfolio made of TD account (taxable) and ROTH IRA account grew faster than the entire market.

After so many years of loses, mistakes and learning how to invest without losing money I am very excited about my results. I hope the results are not seasonal but they will be the results in the future as well.

I believe that the dividend growth strategy combined with options selling can beat the market by a lot. So far, my portfolio is showing that I am on a great track of exceeding the benchmark. Even during declining market my portfolio was able to beat the market and the drop was lesser than the one of the market.

The great example was the last week. My portfolio lost only -0.67% while Nasdaq and S&P 500 lost -2.70% and -2.11% respectively.

The last week the markets grew. Although Friday was mediocre and may signal a serious weakness the markets ended up higher for the week.

Once again I beat the market and my portfolio ended up by +4.73% while Nasdaq ans S&P 500 ended up only by +2.28% and +1.74%.

The biggest gainer in my combined portfolios was a dividend I received from AGNC in ROTH IRA account this week.

Overall, both my portfolios on 3 month basis are spurting up and leaving the markets behind. I know, this can change any time, but if this trend continues, I will have a great end of the year.

See the chart below showing my 3 months result.


Hopefully I will be able to manage my portfolio in the same way in the following week.

Happy Investing and trading!

2 responses to “My portfolio beats the market again”

  1. Love it Martin. Congrats, just goes to show with some financial education one can beat the market.

    • Martin says:

      Thanks Marvin. It really seems that the strategy works and I am getting my account out of the swamp.

      On the YTD basis I am not there yet, but if this trend continues I should be good to go.

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