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New buy in my ROTH IRA – RWX addition for free

Today, I could once again add one share of RWX to my holdings for free. Yes, saving money for my next dividend purchase could be commission free with a non-transaction fee ETF. I can buy even only one share and it will cost me a zero.

Dividends received

This week, I received a few more dividends from the following stocks:

VNR Vanguard Natural Resources, LLC $4.00
LGCY Legacy Reserves LP $28.00
KMI Kinder Morgan, Inc. $11.52
O Realty Income Corporation $9.29

Addition of these dividends to my account increased my available cash so I could buy a new share of RWX. I am saving $1,000 in RWX so I can buy a new stock. I already have saved $635.46 at 2.39% profit and while waiting I am collecting 2.95% in dividends.

Happy trading & investing!

1 response to “New buy in my ROTH IRA – RWX addition for free”

  1. Dennis says:

    Keep up the great work. You’re getting there.


    Dennis McCain

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