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New trade – Armour Residential (ARR) put selling

Today I decided to sell a put against ARR. I sold July 20 7.5 strike put. If the stock rises above 7.5 it will expire worthless and I keep the premium ($84) and repeat the process. If the stock stays below $7.5 at expiration (or the owner of the put decides to execute it) I will buy 100 shares of ARR @ 6.7 a share.

02/06/2013 13:11:19 Sold 1 ARR Jul 20 2013 7.5 Put @ 0.84

Current time value: 0.50 per contract
Intrinsic value: 0.34 per contract

2 responses to “New trade – Armour Residential (ARR) put selling”

  1. admin says:

    Marvin. I agree. I like selling puts. I only needed to find a way how to sell puts and have nice and peaceful sleep. The solution was under my nose all the time. Sell puts only on stocks you want to own. I know. Easy and piece of cake. But I kinda was ignoring it…

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