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New trade – Armour Residential (ARR)

Today I bought a few shares of Armour Residential (ARR) stock and increased my holding in this company. There were two reasons why I decided to do so:

  1. A huge price drop a sell off which was so scary to me that I was at first doubting whether to hold this company at all, but then I went back in time and saw that these sudden drops weren’t that unusual and always the stock managed to recover. It seems to be the case these days again.
  2. The next reason I see this stock positively is insider buying. Yesterday a CEO and another executive officer bought 10,000 shares @ $6.10 per share. Constantly insiders are buying shares of their own company and that I consider as a good sign. Even in October, when the stock was trading at $7.6 per share, insiders were buying.

Thus I bought more shares as well. It was slightly at higher price than insiders but that was because of my buying rules.

11/16/2012 13:52:51 Bought 73 ARR @ 6.8399

Total shares held as of today: 305
Estimated annual dividend: $329.40
Consecutive Dividend Increase: 0 years
Dividend yield today: 16.85%
Dividend 5yr Growth: N/A
Dividend paid since: 2010

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