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New trade – Monthly Dividend Income Motif purchase (Motif Investing)

Today I opened a new trade. I bought a motif I created some time ago – Monthly Dividend Income Motif. The intent of this motif is to deliver high dividend yield every month and reinvest it.

I believe I will be able to grow my account faster by strengthening and promoting monthly compounding power of monthly dividends. For this purpose I am OK taking a higher risk involved in BDCs (Business development company) and MLPs.

I would like to thank my readers who opened their account with Motif Investing via this blog this year. Your support helped this blog greatly.

If you are considering opening an IRA, ROTH IRA or taxable account, consider Motif Investing
which will allow you creating a portfolio of 30 stocks of your own and invest by buying the whole portfolio as one piece keeping you highly diversified from the beginning. By using the banner below for opening your new account, you will receive $150 bonus and help this blog:




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