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New trade – Taser Int. (TASR) – closing old trade (14.94% profit) opening new put selling trade

Today, I decided to close my put selling trade which was about to expire this month. The reason was that the option contract was valued at 0.05 (or $5.00) and closing that trade with my broker was free (if the option is priced at $5 or less TD Ameritrade doesn’t charge a commission), so there was no need waiting for expiration and having my maintenance cash tied to this trade.

So, I bought back my old, already worthless contract (happily didn’t pay any commission on it) and that freed up my maintenance cash, so I could open another trade for the next month.

Trade Detail:

So today i closed the old trade and opened a new one:

3/4/14 11:54:15 BTC 1 TASR Mar 21 2014 15 put
3/4/14 12:01:34 STO 1 TASR Apr 18 2014 19 put @ CREDIT 0.75

I also entered limit orders for some other trades which are close to $5.00 cash value per contract. In case the price drops to that limit, I should buy those contracts back and open new ones in their place.

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