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New Trade – Taser Int. (TASR) put selling

As soon as I closed my GME trade I opened a new trade against TASR. I wanted to open a trade still with April expiration, but I wasn’t able to find one which would bring me enough in premiums and be within my margin maintenance requirements. Well, my account is still small to trade freely and having space for errors. With a small account I need to take bigger risk. But hopefully, I will be able to grow my account fast and my trading would become easier and profitable.

Trade detail

Here is a trade detail:

STO 1 TASR May 17 2014 18 put @ 1.10

The initial profit of this trade would be 6.51%. If everything goes well, and this trade expires worthless, I should realize above mentioned profit.

Also I reviewed my options trading as of today. I received 11.30% in premiums in three months. That would transfer into 45.20% annual gain if this trend continues every month. Quite exciting.

Happy trading!

2 responses to “New Trade – Taser Int. (TASR) put selling”

  1. Marvin says:

    Keep it up man, do you have any strategies in place for when this bull market finally ends?

    • Martin says:

      Yes, increasing cash reserves and rolling down open positions. I am also planning on selling naked calls, bear credit spreads, and deep OTM puts.

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