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October 16, 2020 expiration

We had a few options positions expiring last week on Friday, October 16:

PPL – Oct 16 (monthly) 29.00 call for +0.35 – WINNER
STOR – Oct 16 (monthly) 25 put for +0.68 – WINNER

All other trades were rolled into November expiration day.
You can check our open positions on our Trades & Income page.

Last week was successful in spite of the market decline which I have expected anyway. It allowed us to roll a few trades into a better strike, for example, our IWM trade which went up so much that we weren’t able to roll it higher fast enough.

We generated $167 dollars in options premiums last week and $98 dollars in dividends. All income was reinvested into new stock positions according to our plan.

2 responses to “October 16, 2020 expiration”

  1. Smith Fox says:

    Nice to know that “last week was successful in spite of the market decline.” I wish you good luck in the future!

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