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Opening and closing trades in Friday

I was at the meeting almost entire day on Friday so I missed nice rally. But it is OK. In the stock market there is no day of missed opportunity (well, you can miss your opportunity if you decide to stay out and sell all your positions (close them) out of fear or panic and sit aside afraid of even looking at the market and going back to stocks only after all panic is all gone and stocks recovered all their losses creating new all time highs.

But that is not what I am referring to. Not to situation of spooked investors selling low and buying high. I am referring to everyday trading and investing. Then, if you are in the market all the time, have a plan, execute the plan diligently, then there is no missed opportunity. There will always be another one if one is missed.

Have I been in my office, I could trade a few SPX puts to extract more money from the market. But I wasn’t in the office so stayed aside.

However, in the morning before going to work I placed two new orders which executed later on.

A summary of opening and closing trades.
(balance + $82.00)

Trades of the day

Friday was a great day of a rally thanks to spooked (now) FED who stepped in calming the markets that they will not be hasty in raising the interest rates. From a technical analysis perspective and human/market behavior I can expect the market to rally again on Monday. If that materialize I might trade SPX that day. But I can’t say until I see what the market wants to do.

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