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ORS removed from portfolio

I decided to sell Orsus Xelent Technologies Inc.(ORS). This stock appears to me as a complete junk. It doesn’t fit almost none of my criteria, it doesn’t trend and I do not want to block my money on something like this.
The truth is, I just picked up this stock in euphoria of making money by buying a penny stock, which for sure will rise to $40 a share and makes me a lot of money. Heck no! This is not how I want to trade stocks. I might be watching this stock and if it shows momentum and price movement I might buy it back.

So far, it violates almost all my rules:

  • It doesn’t make new 52=W high
  • It has negative sales growth
  • It trades below 50 day MA
  • It has choppy trend with no progress
  • Daily volume is below 300k
  • Its market capitalization is below limit
  • its price is below $5 (for a reason)

I don’t know why I even bought such stock. This is another lesson, why I need to stick to my rules and stop buying stocks based on feelings.

I placed an order to sell this stock tomorrow at market opening.

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