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PAXHX replacing ATIPX in my ROTH IRA account

I am replacing ATIPX with a new mutual fund PAXHX in my account. I will not sell ATIPX yet, but I will not be buying this mutual fund anymore. I am “putting this fund on the shelf“. Reasons for not buying this fund anymore are:

  1. ATIPX is no longer an NTF fund, so I cannot be investing small amounts without paying a fee.
  2. ATIPX is no longer provided by my broker.
  3. PAXHX has better performance, dividend yield and distribution yield (see below).

Here is a short comparison:

Compared Funds PAXHX ATIPX
  High Yiled Bond High Yiled Bond
  NTF, No Load No Load
Expense Ratio 1.04% 1.24%
Fund Price
$7.79 $9.26
YTD Return
+9.72% +9.23%
Distribution Yield (TTM)
8.25% 6.10%
Dividend Yield
7.57% 5.61%
Portfolio Turnover 58% 155%

Based on the above data I will be now investing into PAXHX fund.

PAXHX, Barchart.com

1 response to “PAXHX replacing ATIPX in my ROTH IRA account”

  1. Irish says:

    It is usually difficult to find advised individuals about this matter, you seem like you understand what you are dealing with! Cheers

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