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Peter Schiff: “I think we’re in a depression”; Roberts, Admati and Whalen talk banking

Comcast is gobbling up its main competitor Time Warner Cable. The $45-billion-dollar deal gives Comcast the potential to completely reinvent the media landscape. By wiping out its major rival, Comcast would have 33 million cable subscribers, and just as many broadband users, giving it huge leeway in setting market prices, negotiating licensing fees, and deciding what shows you can watch. Erin Ade reports.

Afterwards, Peter Schiff is back on at Boom Bust. It’s no secret that investor and financial commentator Peter Schiff thinks the US Dollar is going to fall off a cliff and that he also thinks interest rates are going to skyrocket. But what does he make of the latest US economic figures? And what is his view on the outlook for the economy and investing? Schiff explains to Boom Bust’s Erin Ade.

Then, we give you a few of the best clips from this past week’s interviews, all of which concern banks. First is Paul Craig Roberts on bank bailouts, administered via quantitative easing. Then, Anat Admati gives a fresh take on the health of banks. And Chris Whalen finishes on how executives at large US banks have avoided accountability for the financial crisis.

Wrapping up with “In the Margins”, Erin Ade and Edward Harrison look at viewer feedback, answering questions from you, our viewers. We thank you for your comments and questions.
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2 responses to “Peter Schiff: “I think we’re in a depression”; Roberts, Admati and Whalen talk banking”

  1. Marvin says:

    I don’t know what is going to happen when interest rates sky rocket. My biggest concern is real estate, I would imagine at the very least it would stabilize but should decline.

    • Martin says:

      Marvin, I do not think FED would allow interest rates sky rocket. Well at least as much as they will be able to keep them low by printing money and keeping QE running. At some point QE will fail to keep the rates low and then we will see another crash. And it will hurt.

      I think the real estate will go down very much because during the recession in 2008 FED tried to stop prices from declining by pouring more money in, so we haven’t experienced the real crash, we just postponed it.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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