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Was this a blip?

Account Net-Liq: $5,534.40
SPX value: 3,215.63
Shiller PE: 29.97

Was the drop we saw last week a blip caused by the coronavirus and employment data no one cares about anyway anymore?
It looks like it. As Jani said in his post, this may be just a wobble, bulls no longer care about anymore and we need more to shake this market. True, all we saw was old news. Everybody knows what was going on and that the virus is here, it ain’t going anywhere, we have rising cases but all that will come to an end at some point in the future. Nothing surprising. No new black swan anymore.

Thu futures are up as of now (11:00 pm MT) 0.48%. Will it last until the opening bell? And more importantly, during the entire trading session? I wish we stayed where we are and went slightly higher during this week but not too much. I have an SPX trade which is set to expire this week (well, if we stay in this range and above 3210 by Friday). I have to wait to find out.

SPX 2020 0726

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