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  1. Brad Castro says:

    “Our accounts are with TastyWorks and unfortunately, at this point they do not offer DRIP program (they did in the past but had some issues with it so they suspended it until they resolve it) so I keep the dividends in cash and once we reach the minimum amount for reinvestment (at this point $600) we then reinvest the dividends.”

    I actually think that’s a better way to go because it allows you more control to re-invest in quality value situations rather than in what I see as a diluted and less effective dollar cost average manner.

    I agree – financials and financial related stocks look particularly interesting now. In fact, we opened a short put position on super cheap DFS earlier this week.

    Continued success . . .

    • Martin says:


      I like DRIP when you have only a few bucks to reinvest so instead of having the cash accumulating and sitting in the account and doing nothing, I would prefer DRIP. Once the amount of dividends increases to a level when every month for example you can buy shares then stop DRIPping.

      However, since I trade options as well then I do not mind to keep it in cash as it helps to maintain the buying power. And once I accumulate enough then I buy. In this case I totally agree with you as I am in control what to buy next.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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