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Replacing FULL with NGLS

I do not have much to say, I just am not comfortable anymore holding Full Circle Capital (FULL). Although I liked monthly payment I didn’t like recent price action of the company, rumors of dividend cut, writing (issuing a new public offering) of new shares and thus diluting existing shareholders’ stake.

So I did little research trying to find some data about FULL because of the rumor about possible dividend cut. I also contacted FULL, investor’s department with questions and received no response.

Based on the information I could find on the internet my uncomfortable feeling of holding this stock increased. That’s why I decided to dump FULL and replace it with NGLS. It pays lower dividend, but still high enough (as of this writing it was 6.40%), the 5 yr average dividend growth 30.38%, 5 years of consecutive dividend increase, they are paying dividends since 2007 and increased the dividend recently.

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