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Stay away from a choppy stock market

A bear is still raging in the [tag]market[/tag]. Today’s drop ended the [tag]rally attempt[/tag]. I was thinking to keep the market status as it is, but the drop was too big.

-679.95 -7.70% 8,149.09
-137.50 -8.95% 1,398.07
-80.03 -8.93% 816.21

The market is probably entering its side way trend. The only positive thing on this would be that it won’t go further down (well, it still can go lower, if my assumption is wrong).

Dow Jones Industrial Index

Tip: This market is not the one you want to be [tag]invest[/tag]ed, unless you can use a day-trading technique. The market is usually very volatile during the side-way period and most stocks tend to follow it. There is still nothing to do than waiting. Use this time for studying the market and stocks, save money, do not open any new positions, create [tag]emergency account[/tag] if you still do not have it, build a [tag]watch list[/tag] and wait for the market to tell you when it is the best time to start [tag]buying stocks[/tag] again.

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  1. Invest Stock Market says:

    Although your article about invest stock market sounds interesting but i’m not sure if i could agree with you in 100%.

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