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Stocks to accumulate in March 2021

Here are our stocks to accumulate in March 2021. We plan on accumulating these stocks although it will depend on our available cash. We also plan on reaching 100 shares of each stock so we can start selling covered calls (using the wheel strategy).

The goal is to accumulate high dividend yield stocks that provide safe dividend but also provide capital growth (that is, however, a secondary goal; the primary goal is income, that can be reinvested).

Stocks to accumulate list:

Ticker Name Today’s
AFL Aflac 49.95 0.33 2.42% 46.0%
OMF OneMain Holdings 52.70 7.06 14.35% 0.0%
APAM Artisan Partners 47.91 3.08 6.69% 0.0%
ASG Liberty All-Star 8.83 0.66 7.44% 0.0%
QYLD Global X NASDAQ Cov Calls 22.06 0.23 11.49% 10.0%
CHI Calamos Convertible Opps 13.88 1.14 8.11% 0.0%
CSQ Calamos Total Return 16.58 1.23 7.54% 0.0%


Do your own due diligence if you decide to invest in these stocks. The information here is believed to be accurate but may have changed since publishing.

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