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Stocks to accumulate in October 2020

Our September accumulation was a great success. We have reached 100 shares accumulating a few of the positions such as PPL, PBCT, and now we will be accumulating more shares of other companies such as AT&T (T), Altria (MO), or Tyson Foods (TSN).

There are still good companies which are undervalued even in this overvalued market. It takes time to find them but once you know which companies to look for, it will pay off, in the long run, to be buying them.

Most of the stocks are dividend aristocrats. Some lost the status many years ago yet I decided to keep them, others lost the status this year due to COVID, and I decided to keep them too as I still think they are good companies, e.g. Disney (DIS) and the dividend cut or suspension is temporary.

S&P 500 heat map

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