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Stocks to accumulate in September 2020

In my portfolio watch list, only a handful of stocks are good to buy in this overvalued market. The list is not yet complete, but I have time to fill in other stocks later on.

Most of the stocks are dividend aristocrats. Some lost the status many years ago yet I decided to keep them, others lost the status this year due to COVID, and I decided to keep them too as I still think they are good companies, e.g. Disney (DIS) and the dividend cut or suspension is temporary.

S&P 500 heat map

2 responses to “Stocks to accumulate in September 2020”

  1. Christopher Bossano says:

    As my friend says, dividends are very cool as long as they are paid!

    • Martin says:

      A company, which paid a dividend for the last 100 years (e.g. JNJ) and increased the dividends for 50+ consecutive years (dividend aristocrats) are likely to continue paying the dividends in the future. You can always check the company\’s operating and free cash flow to see if they generate enough income to cover the dividend. Most do with a huge margin of safety.

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