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Supper quicky note #8

Yesterday I was quite disappointed with the market and my account results.

I made MONEY!

I made a good chunk of money yesterday. So why I am disappointed? Because the market was running up again, extending its over bought status and creating a bubble once again. Maybe not that big bubble we saw a few years ago, but the fall and panic which will follow this will once again be large.

I can hear all the talking heads already saying something about the end of the world.

I am crazy!

2 responses to “Supper quicky note #8”

  1. Some people are never happy! (: Just kidding. Kind hoping for a pull-back myself so I can reallocate some real estate funds.

    • Martin says:

      Nick, I know, isn’t it weird? I made some nice bucks (which by the way were removed from my account value today) and I am not happy!? What the heck!. Well, I meant it as sarcasm. Sure I was happy like a little kid. Thanks for stopping by.

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