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Posted by Martin November 11, 2017

IRA positions November 10th 2017

                      Closed positions          

Posted by Martin January 09, 2013

Replacing ABT with AT&T (T)

Replacing ABT with AT&T (T)

For the reasons I wrote in my previous article I am replacing Abbott with AT&T stock. This stock paid dividends since 1881 and it has a history of 8 years of increasing the dividend. Currently the stock is trading below 200 day MA and it pulled back due to ex-dividend date which was today (Jan-08, Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 08, 2013

Unloading ABBV from my portfolio, what about Abbott?

I was looking for information about ABBV and ABT to find out whether to keep these stocks or get rid of them. It was very difficult to find anything which would help me to make the decision. Keep the stocks or not? That’s the question. Mostly I used information about ABBV and ABT from Morningstar Continue reading →

Posted by Martin January 03, 2013

Is Abbott providing a chance of doubling your money?

Recently Abbott realized a spinoff when the company split into two entities – Abbott (ABT) and AbVie (ABBV). If you happened having some shares of ABT, right now you should have the exact amount of shares of ABBV in your account. Both stocks are now prices roughly at the half of the previous ABT price. Continue reading →