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Armour Residential (ARR) Are Insiders Abandoning the Ship?

I once invested in Armour Residential (ARR) for high income. It was at the time when this stock traded at $8 – $10 range in 2009. Today, this company is down low at $3.40 a share and it looks like it is going to die after a long agony. I invested in this stock excited Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 13, 2013

Trade exit – Armour Residential (ARR)

Trade exit - Armour Residential (ARR)

Armour Residential (ARR) cut its monthly dividend to $0.07/share from $0.08. It’s the 2nd cut in as many quarters and the price dropped. For me it is the end of holding this stock. This morning I sold my shares in ARR and I am no longer interested in this paper. Now I will be looking Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 06, 2013

New trade – Armour Residential (ARR) put selling

Today I decided to sell a put against ARR. I sold July 20 7.5 strike put. If the stock rises above 7.5 it will expire worthless and I keep the premium ($84) and repeat the process. If the stock stays below $7.5 at expiration (or the owner of the put decides to execute it) I Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 16, 2012

New trade – Armour Residential (ARR)

Today I bought a few shares of Armour Residential (ARR) stock and increased my holding in this company. There were two reasons why I decided to do so: A huge price drop a sell off which was so scary to me that I was at first doubting whether to hold this company at all, but Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 15, 2012

A great opportunity to add more stocks to my dividend paying portfolio

Recent sell off in the stock market created excellent opportunity to buy more shares to my existing portfolio. At this point I am not adding new holdings to my portfolio, but adding to the existing shares only. I made a rule on how many shares to hold in a portfolio. I searched the internet to Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 14, 2012

Why are REITs falling and will they recover?

REITs stocks are sharply falling, one would call it a free fall. Even famous, strong and gigantic companies such as Annaly Capital Management is down by 4.2%, American Capital Agency by 3.8%, and ARMOUR Residential (ARR) by 4.4%. What does it mean for you if you hold those stocks? A tough year for mREITs Let’s Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 14, 2012

Armour Residential ARR is it a buy?

In my opinion and view Armour Residential (ARR) is a buy. I am not searching for the reason for the recent drop in price. Since I am building my portfolio by buying more and more shares and reinvesting dividends, I am also looking at the point when is the best time to add to a Continue reading →