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Posted by Martin November 09, 2011

Stocks plunge on Italian worries – it’s happening

Here we go. What economists were saying all the time and the markets were successfully ignoring has happened this morning. As I wrote in my previous posts, the Italian bonds raised at 7.4% rate which is not sustainable for Italian economy to pay (Italy’s budget can afford paying a rate around 4.6% only). Italy at Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 07, 2011

European Central Bank (ECB) warns Italy to stop buying its bonds

ECB warned Italy last weekend that it would stop buying its bonds if it won’t pass required reforms of Italian budget to get Italian debt under control, said Yves Mersch a member of a bank governors board. Currently ECB is buying Italian bonds to slow down rates and prevent them from skyrocketing. Although ECB’s interventions Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 07, 2011

Italian 10-year bonds reached all year record highs today

The Italian bond rates reached all year new highs since Italy joined Eurozone. Today, it raised to 6.67% and that creates a tremendous pressure to Italian budget to pay their loans. ECB intervention couldn’t help this skyrocketing move. Due to investors’ worries about Italian debt the new rate reached almost 7% and as Reuters says Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 01, 2011

Greece hazarding with trust of other countries and investors

It doesn’t even make any sense to comment the news about Greece to vote in referendum about accepting next help from other members of EU. Unfortunately I opened some protective short puts recently which eliminated much of the gains I could make today. But no worries, we will be heading further down. Happy Trading!

Posted by Martin October 27, 2011

Did EU summit solved the debt crisis in Europe?

The financial market is now enthusiastic about the deal the leaders of European Union reached in overnight summit. The Dow shot almost 4% up today. I, however, wonder how the (today) optimistic investors will react when the actually read the agreement and find out that it was a very vague proclamation solving nothing. I bet Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 27, 2011

Market jumps 2% on European phrases and proclamations

I wonder if anybody read what was the outcome of the overnight EU summit. As many experts expected, the EU leaders came out with empty phrases and proclamations and no details. The report of the meeting is just three pages long. Generally, EU talked banks and lenders into writing off 50% of the Greek debt, Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 04, 2011

Fed is going to help faltering economy, said Ben Bernanke

(Reuters) – The Federal Reserve is prepared to take further steps to help an economic recovery that is “close to faltering”, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said on Tuesday. Great! And investors got crazy about this proclamation and started buying. Good move if you want to lose money. Are these idiots out there blind? O.k. I Continue reading →