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Posted by Martin April 15, 2015

Kinder Morgan (KMI) increases its dividend

Currently, this cutie (KMI) is paying 1.8 bucks per share annually. That translates it into nice income of 4.30% on invested dollar. Where else can you get such nice interest? No bank would pay you this. Not even bonds (they actually pay a negative interest). So unless you start your own consumer credit loans business Continue reading →

Realty Income declares its 73rd dividend increase, so why the stock fell?

    We are pleased that our Board of Directors have once again determined that we are able to increase the amount of the monthly dividend we pay to our shareholders. With the payment of the October dividend, we will have made 519 consecutive monthly dividend payments and paid over $2.6 billion in dividends throughout Continue reading →

Posted by Martin May 14, 2013

Safeway (SWY) hikes its quarterly dividend

Safeway increased its dividend payout by 14% today and the yield got above 3% threshold. (My threshold to consider the stock as a buy). This makes this stock more attractive to me to be added to my portfolio. The current yield of the stock is 3.1% at the rate of $0.20 per share. But is Continue reading →