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Posted by Martin April 25, 2013

Trade Adjustment – AT&T (T) addition

Trade Adjustment - AT&T (T) addition

As I announced on my Facebook page, the conditional order triggered the trade today morning and I bought some more shares of AT&T. This addition helps increase my overall dividend payout to 652.41 dollars a year.       TRADE DETAILS 04/25/2013 09:31:12 Bought 26 T @ 37.36 DIVIDEND STOCK DETAILS Total shares held as Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 15, 2013

Gold Sank Faster Than Titanic. Are You Panicking?

Today’s trading was fascinating. My account was red and full of blood as never before. A true blood in the streets. A massacre. It was not only Gold which sank deeper than on Friday on a lot larger volume than on Friday, but the entire market followed. If you follow my Facebook fan page, I Continue reading →

Posted by Martin April 13, 2013

My Accounts Caught The Benchmark Up And Keep UP

I am satisfied with my recovery efforts. All my accounts are up to pre-options loss trading and on top of that they caught up the pace with the benchmarks S&P 500 and DJIA. I monitor my accounts performance on weekly basis and you can see my Weekly Monitor on top of the page. Lest few Continue reading →

Trade Adjustment – Realty Income (O) addition

Trade Adjustment - Realty Income (O) addition

Today morning my conditional order triggered a buy order. I bought 22 shares of Realty Income @ 44.00 a share. This trade increases my stake at Realty Income to 98 shares and I will be receiving $212.66 in annual dividend. Originally I posted on my Facebook page that I purchased 25 and rounded my holdings Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 20, 2013

Is today’s trading marking the beginning of the correction?

Is today's trading marking the beginning of the correction?

Today’s trading was hectic and markets fell hard after FOMC meeting. The market is idicating nervousness and today’s price action – extended bearish candle may indicate the end of the trend. Almost all my stocks fell hard as well. I am not that concerned about it however, since I have been expecting correction since two Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 19, 2013

Market expectations

Market expectations

Today’s trading is over and the markets added to their gains and added to their overbought pressure. Everybody is already talking about correction behind the door, but the market is still strong and marching up. Investors are still pouring new money, moving more cash to the stocks on every dip. It really is something which Continue reading →

Posted by Martin February 04, 2013

A correction? Finally!

A correction? Finally!

Today, we probably have experienced a long anticipated correction to this extended market. It was a very impressive run, but in my opinion the stocks got expensive. Almost all indicators were in heavy overbought territory and a break was imminent. The question was, when. Was Monday the beginning of a correction? If so, I would Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 23, 2012

Market shake out or in trouble?

Market shake out or in trouble?

Today the market got beaten down by worse than expected earnings reports. This can be a temporary over reaction as we experienced many times during previous seasons or it can be a significant game changer turning the markets back to south. Which way the markets will go? It depends on many factors. Let’s take a Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 21, 2011

Wacky Trading today

SPX opened lower on worries over the Europe (like we haven’t heard about it previously), then technicals got in, mainly Oracle’s bad results and pushed the market (SPX) all the way down to 1230. That looked scary! At least for me since two days ago I reversed my bearish outlook into bullish and I started Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 20, 2011

Is Santa Claus Rally undergo?

As I wrote yesterday, we could break down thru the support or bounce back. The market was oversold and there were no significant negative news to push it lower, however because of Europe, there still was a risk of going lower. It seems like we are bouncing instead. The SPX surged 2% up at opening Continue reading →