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Posted by Martin January 16, 2016

Why the heck are the markets tanking?

That was a question Yahoo! has recently asked. Sometimes it really stuns me out when liberals start slowly waking up and asking such questions, which all others with common sense already knew what was happening. Yet there is still many with the rose colored glasses on unquestionably believing everything FED and Obama’s administration is feeding Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 17, 2014

What’s stalling the Wall Street rally?

With U.S. stocks nearly 2 percent overvalued, investors are worried that markets will see another correction, says Hugh Jackson, Chairman of Hugh Johnson Advisors.

Posted by Martin April 27, 2013

My portfolio beats the market again

My portfolio beats the market again

Once again my results this week made me happy. My combined portfolio made of TD account (taxable) and ROTH IRA account grew faster than the entire market. After so many years of loses, mistakes and learning how to invest without losing money I am very excited about my results. I hope the results are not Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 30, 2011

Be aware of next bubble to burst

There are many many news media out there excitedly creeping around “finally solved” or “European hopes” bushes (read: news). The news media such as Yahoo or CNN Money are among them. Almost worthless to read it! However, you can find commentaries out there that are not that optimistic and that are providing with more realistic, Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 12, 2011

Stock advance on Europe hopes

Stock advance on Europe hopes

Source CNN Money A broad rally lost steam during the final minutes of trading, but stocks still ended sharply higher Wednesday as investors welcomed the latest plan to recapitalize European banks. “We’re continuing to see a shift in investor sentiment,” said Art Hogan, managing director at Lazard Capital Markets. “Last week, it seemed like the Continue reading →