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Posted by Martin May 26, 2015

$SPX market expectation for Wednesday, May 27th

(05/26/2015 HS) – Market took a hit today. Quite large one, compared to the non-moves we have seen in previous days. The S&P 500 lost 1% today. It could have been more, but at the last hour the market rallied and erased some losses. Should we be worried? Hard to answer that question. The market Continue reading →

Posted by Martin May 25, 2015

$SPX market expectation for Tuesday, May 26th

(05/25/2015 HS) – On Friday, last week, I expected the market to move higher. I expected FED to be taken positively by investors as they would see that FED will most likely postpone interest rates hike due to slowing economy. I didn’t have time to watch or read what actually Yellen said, but overall results Continue reading →

Posted by Martin May 18, 2015

My stock market prediction for tomorrow

When I say “stock market prediction” I do not necessarily mean predicting where it ends up. Just trying to assess the direction of the market. Yesterday, I called the market to go up based on all of my technical indicators pointing up. Today the picture is not as clear as it was yesterday. I see Continue reading →

Posted by Martin May 17, 2015

Is the stock market poised to break its bad luck?

Not that I believe in good or bad luck of the stock market as it is purely driven by participant state of mind and mostly their irrational behavior. By “its bad luck” I refer to already infamous “iron ceiling” as some people called it. We are once again dwelling near the all-time highs and investors Continue reading →

April 2015 trading, investing and dividends results

April 2015 is over and I am going back to reporting my results. I wasn’t much consistent in reporting in the past as many times I either didn’t have time or was lazy to write a report. I am still looking for the best way to report my results but keep it simple since at Continue reading →

$SPX market expectation for May 1st 2015

Today we saw a big sell off on Wall Street. Media say it was because of bad economic reports we saw recently from big companies. Who knows what caused this crash, but the reality is that we are now oversold. I do not expect much from this market as we again failed to move higher Continue reading →

$SPX once again fails to break the resistance. Another fall down is likely, read why!

Last week the market broke the descending resistance (the top of the falling triangle) which gave hope to many investors turning bullish. I myself was also fooled by this market (again) into believing that we finally see a break out. Friday’s trading moved the markets into the new all-time-highs and I decided to reverse my Continue reading →

Closing Bear Call Spread against WYNN one week earlier for 13.79% profit

Closing Bear Call Spread against WYNN one week earlier for 13.79% profit

Today I was able to close my Bear Call Spread against WYNN for a profit. I put this trade on via newsletters on October 16, 2014 with expiration next week. It was a bumpy road during last couple of weeks. I sold a 205/200 call spread and at some point when WYNN reported earnings, the Continue reading →

Trading the markets in phony environment

Trading the markets in phony environment

Many times again and again investors seek the way how to protect their portfolios and avoid losses when markets tumble. Many investors try to balance their investing strategy between safety and returns. An old battle going on again and again. I decided to combine two strategies for this purpose. One aggressive strategy – trading options Continue reading →

My trades against SPX, TWTR, expired for full profit today, VMW got filled

My trades against SPX, TWTR, expired for full profit today, VMW got filled

During last week and the week before I opened a few new trades against SPX, TWTR, and VMW. All of the trades against SPX & TWTR expired today for a full profit. After losses I generated during September 2014 I had to go back down from the “heavens” of my pride and basically start over. Continue reading →