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New Trade – Amazon (AMZN) weeklys Bull Put Spread, will it succeed?

New Trade - Amazon (AMZN) weeklys Bull Put Spread, will it succeed?

Here is another new trade I plan to open tomorrow morning. It will be a bull put spread against Amazon (AMZN). The stock shows a great push up at the beginning of a new breakout trend. I believe it will repeat the previous cycle when it broke up from a squeeze. If it repeats the Continue reading →

Trade exits – TASR (+3.11%), AMZN (+9.54%), AAPL (+3.54%), FCX (+3.07%) Happy Friday Expiration

Trade exits - TASR (+3.11%), AMZN (+9.54%), AAPL (+3.54%), FCX (+3.07%) Happy Friday Expiration

This week trading was definitely something. It was erratic and crazy. I had some trades which were good, turned bad, ugly, and great again. All in one week! So what happened and what trades I had or could take off the table? Let’s take a review. Freeport-McMoRan Inc. (FCX) – This was a great trade Continue reading →


Today I opened two new trades for income. The first trade was against Amazon (AMZN) – a bullish trade – bull put spread. In the morning the trade looked very good, later the stock collapsed (intraday) and then slightly recovered. I think it was Yellen and her testimony sending tech stocks down. When she finally Continue reading →

New Trade – BUY SEP14 PUTS on TASR

New Trade - BUY SEP14 PUTS on TASR

Yesterday, I was thinking that if the weakness in TASR stock continues, I might be further taking advantage of it and offset losses on my put contracts. I decided to buy a put contract against TASR. When looking at the charts it is apparent that the selling took place and will be gaining more strength Continue reading →

The best trade ever

The best trade ever

My yesterday’s trade finished today with full profit. I managed to keep the entire premium I collected and the option against GameStop (GME) expired worthless. Although there were many doubts out there whether GME is a good stock to own or not I trusted my sense and expectations when opening the trade. Of course, I Continue reading →

New Trade: SELL MAY4 14 PUTS on GME (weeklys)

New Trade: SELL MAY4 14 PUTS on GME (weeklys)

This morning I entered another trade against GameStop (GME). It was a bit speculative trade and a source of either a quick profit or a big burn. Today after market close GME reported 1Q results and I took a risk of being burnt if the company reported disappointing results. This trade will expire tomorrow, so Continue reading →

New Trade: SELL NOV14 PUTS on GLW

New Trade: SELL NOV14 PUTS on GLW

My account grew a bit once again and I decided to open another trade – a new put selling trade against Corning Inc (GLW). The company in a nutshell manufactures glass (if you can call it that way) which is used in iPhones, smart phones and tablets. That gives the company a great advantage as Continue reading →

Disaster continued, but navigated my account well thru the storm

Last week loses mounted in my account. At first I started panicking, but then took a deep breath and told to myself: “Hey, calm down, you have a plan!” Sharply falling stocks are an arch enemy of a put selling strategy. If stocks decline smoothly, slowly and not too fast, you can navigate the trades Continue reading →

March 2014 review

Markets regained the upward trend momentum as it confirmed its trend continuation last Friday. What does that mean? It is simple, the trend will continue and it will make sense to be buying any dips should they occur. In this post I would like to review my view of the market in the past and Continue reading →

Time to switch to conservative options trading

After reviewing last week trading and next week outlook I decided to switch into more conservative option trading. I usually traded options very aggressively but it seems that now it may be time to slow down a bit. What does it mean taking a conservative trading approach? I usually take an aggressive approach. That means Continue reading →