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Realty Income: Why it is now a good time to sell as well as hold

Recently, I enjoyed two articles at Seeking Alpha about Realty Income Corporation (O). One post was written by Casey Hoerth “Realty Income Corp: Why Now’s A good Time To Sell” and the second one by Achilles Research “Realty Income: Why Now Is Not A Good Time To Sell This REIT Nugget“. While it was interesting Continue reading →

Disaster continued, but navigated my account well thru the storm

Last week loses mounted in my account. At first I started panicking, but then took a deep breath and told to myself: “Hey, calm down, you have a plan!” Sharply falling stocks are an arch enemy of a put selling strategy. If stocks decline smoothly, slowly and not too fast, you can navigate the trades Continue reading →

Realty Income declares its 73rd dividend increase, so why the stock fell?

    We are pleased that our Board of Directors have once again determined that we are able to increase the amount of the monthly dividend we pay to our shareholders. With the payment of the October dividend, we will have made 519 consecutive monthly dividend payments and paid over $2.6 billion in dividends throughout Continue reading →

Posted by Martin May 23, 2013

An ultimate dividend payer

Although you won’t find a perfect stock across the market floor, there is one which earned attention of millions of income seeking investors. You won’t find too many companies out there which mission is to provide income. I am talking about a California-based real estate investment trust – Realty Income (O). It may not be Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 11, 2013

Stocks which sparked my attention for addition #2

Stocks which sparked my attention for addition #2

The list of stocks which sparked my attention for addition narrowed from a week ago down to two stocks. All other stocks reversed and continued marching higher or just stayed flat. They may however continue falling later as the market turns into correction. That is however something we do not know at this point. So Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 26, 2012

New trade – adding Realty Income (O)

Today I realized a part of my planned buying of Realty Income stock. Maybe little too early since I am expecting more drop in price, but I will be buying more later if that happens. I am also planning on adding SDY to my portfolio, but this didn’t happen today and I moved my buy Continue reading →

Posted by Martin November 01, 2012

New trade – Realty Income (O)

Today I bought more shares of Realty Income to my dividend portfolio at $39.72 per share. 11/01/2012 12:26:49 Bought 19 O @ 39.72 Total shares held as of today: 66 Estimated annual dividend: $120.12 Consecutive Dividend Increase: 14 years Dividend yield today: 4.50% Dividend 5yr Growth: 2.66% Dividend paid since: 1994

Posted by Martin October 26, 2012

Realty Income broke below 200 MA

Realty Income broke below 200 MA

Realty Income broke 200 MA support in today’s session and many investors panicked asking why did it happen? However, as you can see on the chart below, buyers stepped in and pushed the stock above 200 day MA, but for a moment only. It closed below on a low volume. Should you be worried about Continue reading →

Posted by Martin October 25, 2012

Another candidate for accumulation – RealtyIncome (O)

Another candidate for accumulation - RealtyIncome (O)

Another stock (O) is being pushed down by temporary sell off. I believe it is a temporary sell off and here are my reasons for it. The company released its 3rd quarter results from which the revenue dropped from $34.7 million in previous quarter in 2011 to $27.0 million. All other metrics seems to me Continue reading →