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Posted by Martin March 16, 2015

Quo vadis SPX?

It is extremely difficult to position a trade in this volatile market. Last week we saw the market holding both key levels – a 2064 resistance and 2040 support. After three weeks of losses in the market it wasn’t clear at all which direction the market wants to go. Would it be up or down? Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 10, 2015

$SPX expected move for March 11, 2015: bounce or more sell off by Wall Street clowns?

Irving Kahn, a legendary investor, and student and later coworker of Benjamin Graham, once said about speculators and investors in Wall Street: “… I thought the people were crazy … They were running around and screaming at each other during trading hours, and they were like clowns!” He considered these people evil, destroying the market. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 08, 2015

SPX (un)expected move for March 9, 2015

What a trading last week. I must admit, $SPX tricked me into a trap. If you go back to look at my market expectation from last Sunday I expected the market to fall down and correct the uptrend. This is a picture I originally posted:     From the chart above you can see what Continue reading →

Posted by Martin March 05, 2015

SPX expected move for March 6, 2015

Tomorrow is expiration day for our SPX bull put spread. Today’s trading bought us a little padding for tomorrow, making our trade safer than what it was yesterday for example. Hopefully this relief will help us tomorrow. The market is weak and it stayed around $2100 level the whole day today as investor are expecting Continue reading →