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ASIA stopped out

On today’s crazy market jumping up and down AsiaInfo Holdings Inc. (ASIA) slipped down and hit my stop loss trigger. I sold my position in this stock today. 01/07/2010    13:08:11    Sold  25  ASIA  @  27.9406

RAX added to portfolio

Today, at the market open I bought Rackspace Hosting, Inc (RAX): 12/18/2009    09:30:09    Bought  37  RAX  @  22.37

STEC in consolidation

STEC in consolidation

In my weekly Picks History post I mentioned STEC showing a reversal sign. Although I am losing my interest in this stock, because it doesn’t meet my picks criteria any more, I am just curious how the stock will develop and I may consider a small position as a swing trade based purely on technical Continue reading →

Pump & Dump

ORS held its level for couple days since its huge move on 10/14/2009. Today, almost at the end of the day it went down like a rock on heavy volume. I am expecting being stopped out tomorrow with a loss.

Picks 09/28 – 10/02

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