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Posted by Martin June 02, 2017

My watch list for June 2017 options trading

Many people keep asking me what stocks I use to trade and how do I choose them. I try to explain to them that my stock selection is simple. I have a trade plan and part of the plan is also what stocks I want trade. Over the years I learned not to focus on Continue reading →

Posted by MartZee April 27, 2010

ATHR, DV, MED a watch list update

ATHR, DV, MED a watch list update

Atheros Communications, Inc. (ATHR) failed my fundamental check list and has been dropped from the watch list. I added DeVry (DV) to the watch list as a potential buy when this selling pressure fades. And I believe it will fade and the stock will create a new buy opportunity. All the selling is based on Continue reading →