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Technical view: Apple (APPL)

Technical view

AAPL morphed into stage #1. After it reported stellar earnings, it continued its #2 rally, but Jay Powell killed it with his inflation speech. The stock crashed in three days. But the more this stock goes lower as people panic, the more I want to buy it. People keep saying that this was the end of Apple, but Apple keeps defying them every time. The weekly chart also shows that the stock holds the key support, bouncing on it, and if the inflation drops and FED stops raising rates, this stock will go higher, and a few years later, you will be looking back and asking yourself why you didn’t buy today.

Technical view

Apple is no longer an overvalued company. It is trading at the normal P/E valuation, but the expected fair value is now way above the stock price. The fair value by 2025 is now at $258.62 a share and that gives a potential for 19.4% annualized growth.

Technical view

The stock is now AGGRESSIVE BUY

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