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The stock market is searching for bottom again

A week ago it seemed like the [tag]market[/tag] is already on the bottom and almost ready to turn over. However last week the market broke through its [tag]support line[/tag] and headed further down. It fell down without hesitating and some commentators celebrated its almost so called turnover on Tuesday last week probably in their hopes of turning market. It was just another fake created by proclamations of [tag]Obama’s administration[/tag]. No [tag]strong stocks[/tag] appeared that day and none of the leaders broke up. On a week-time-scale the market was unable to create new week highs and on Friday it even created the new low peak of this [tag]crisis[/tag].

[tag]Dow Jones[/tag] [tag]Chart[/tag]
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The [tag]stock market[/tag] is searching for its bottom and nobody knows when this fall stops. Once a friend of mine asked me when I told him that the market holds its support line what would happen if it falls below. Then we may expect a long journey to the bottom, was my answer. Here we go. This market is still not the one we want to be in. So stay in [tag]cash[/tag] if possible. It is hard to invest cash, since there is nothing to invest out there and the current [tag]money market[/tag], [tag]CD[/tag]s or [tag]savings account[/tag] earn so low [tag]interest[/tag]s that they are unable to match [tag]inflation[/tag]. However, it is better to have cash in any of the money market accounts or [tag]bonds[/tag] rather than loosing them on the market.

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17 responses to “The stock market is searching for bottom again”

  1. Leif Hughston says:

    I wonder if the debt crisis is really over. I think it is not and the stock market will go lower. Look what’s happening in Italy these days! If Greece and Italy won’t be able to find a solution it will drag the whole world to a bigger mess. Greece will bankrupt next year, there is no other solution for it. Thus I think we haven’t bottomed yet.

  2. Hannah says:

    I like your website about investing!

  3. Tom says:

    |I like this blog very much, Its a really nice position to read about your insight about stock market!.

  4. Garry says:

    Looks like the stock market is in bullish trend already!

  5. Friir Tish says:

    Wow post thanks! We feel your articles about the stock market are wonderful and want more soon. We probably bottomed out and now the market will grow.

  6. Jamie Conner says:

    Very interesting info about stock market !Perfect just what I was searching for! Will Europe drag the US down? Who knows, but it may hurt small investors a lot!

  7. Dennis says:

    Stock trading web site – great!

  8. Lane Hemmann says:

    Good job on stock trading!

  9. Keneth Collado says:

    Just bookmarked you!!

  10. Hole says:

    I think today we will see a huge drop of S&P 500!

  11. Funny says:

    The CRASH will happen anytime now! Is just a matter of day or days. This is fake rally based on hopes, nothing else.

  12. Renata says:

    Let me get this straight. The U.S. capital declares bankruptcy and the markets are up . . . again with the “hopes” thing . . . on Europe. So now virtual money (debt and default) abroad has more power than real economic collapse here at home. Way to keep your eye on the ball

  13. Anna says:

    We have been suffering from bad leadership from both parties. Starting an unjust war with Iraq then printing money out of thin air and giving it to the wealthy. It is counterfeiting by the government in the name of stimulus.. Let the Greeks just print up a bunch of bucks and give the to the people who overspent and can’t pay. The American way today. Drive inflation through the roof so no one can pay. Great idea by today’s leaders which most call failures. Where’s my cost of leaving raise for seniors? Prices are still going up and wages are going down. The greatest invasion in the history of America happened while both parties sat on their hands and paid through the nose for health & welfare for illegals. How many illegal immigrants are there and who sold them social security cards for $50.00? They drive our wages down along with our living standards.

  14. vitamin h says:

    It is quite difficult to invest on stock market because it also needs some critical thinking skills.”         

  15. Folding Table  says:

    sotck market investments are great specially if you know what you are doing and not just speculating about the stocks:`.

  16. Anna Allen says:

    it is good to invest in the stock market but you must be very careful and not speculate on rising stocks.~`;

  17. Brianna Lee says:

    as always, stock market is one of the best ways to earn lots of money.;;`

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