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The Top Four E-Commerce Businesses

The Top Four E-Commerce Businesses

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Investing in companies means watching the trends and understanding what’s hot – and what’s not. This is this is especially true of e-commerce. Here are four areas of online selling where you can make a killing.


· Tech and gadgets

In an increasingly digital and wireless world, people want to be connected to others and control of their surroundings. Consumers are investing in gadgets that help them do this more than ever before.

From wireless chargers to child locating GPS systems, to plugs and devices that can make a home more responsive, new tech and gadgets are a perfect e-commerce opportunity. Tech and gadget selling online retailers are great companies to invest in moving forward.


· Fashion boutiques

The seasonality of products keeps this type of business cycling upwards well. Steady growth for the best boutiques is linked to great customer service, generous return policies, trend-setting product choices, and attention to what’s hot in the market. Current trending items include everything from things like unisex wood sunglasses and wood watches to fashionable leggings for women and bow ties for men.


· B2B products and services

Retailers who target niche subsets of the e-commerce market, like other businesses, also do well online. Products like marketing and promotional materials are still strong sellers in the B2B marketplace and help leave a lasting impression with clients and potential customers.

While the gifted pen still reigns supreme, other online products include customizable uniforms, USB devices, writing pads, headphones, and other indispensable objects of the millennial generation. Basically, anything a customer can fit a logo on is fair game.

Additionally, products like training products, office supplies, and other business related products are able to capture a large portion of the online retail space.


· Health products

While there are plenty of trending health products, and lots of false and exaggerated claims, not all companies have seen steady growth in recent years. However, some of the highest-trending items in the last half decade have been things like macha power, coconut oil, and anything gluten-free or paleo.

Even “health” alternatives to cigarettes like e-cigarettes and liquid refills for these new devices. Forbes noted back in 2012 that the e-cigarette market was set to explode. While the sale of the actual devices has taken a downturn in the last year or so, trends for liquid refills are still as strong as ever.

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