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Trade adjustment – AT&T (T) addition

Yesterday, as AT&T continued slipping down, which I originally missed to recognize and also set my buy point too low so I got hit in a small bump up, I bought more shares of this stock. When buying stocks, I want the stock to be in upward move, so I usually set my price slightly above yesterday’s high, but try to be high enough not to get hit with a regular volatility. If the stock goes up, I buy. You can assume that the stock will continue up, so you should be ridding that move. If the stock won’t go up the trade shouldn’t execute and then you can trail down your buy order as long as the stock reverses.

With my first buy order of this stock I set the buy too low and got hit and the stock continued down. Well, I am still learning to master this strategy. I am not mad at myself however, I like the stock, I like the dividend it pays and the dividend growth. So as the stock went down, I added more shares.

01/16/2013 10:19:11 Bought 29 T @ 33.46

Total shares held as of today: 61
Estimated annual dividend: $109.8
Consecutive Dividend Increase: 8 years
Dividend yield today: 5.26%
Dividend 5yr Growth: 5.09%
Dividend paid since: 1881

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