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Trade adjustment – Realty Income (O) addition – building my ROTH

It almost makes no sense writing about this stock. It is one of my favorite REIT stocks and it will stay my favorite stock as long as it continues paying monthly dividends and raising them regularly.

Realty income makes money by buying properties and renting them. Their income is from rentals unlike mREITs which are involved in MBS and thus dependent on the interest rate spread. Realty Income is not. It doesn’t care what the interest rate spread is. The only way how this company can be affected by higher interest rates is their access to a new financing capital if they decide to take mortgages over secondary public offering (SPO), which I think is quite unlikely.

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Thus Realty Income is dragged down with the entire sector and especially by mREITs (and ignorance of investors) which it doesn’t deserve.

This company managed paying and increasing monthly dividend for 15 years, its current yield is 5.40%.

Trade details

Today I added a few shares to my ROTH IRA portfolio.

11/22/2013 11:55:26 Bought 23 O @ 38.7

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Stock details

Total shares held as of today: 49
Estimated annual dividend: $106.82
Consecutive Dividend Increase: 15 years
Dividend yield today: 5.40%
Dividend 5yr Growth: 2.51%
Dividend paid since: 1994


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This trade increases my overall dividend income in ROTH IRA account to $679.57 annually.

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