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Trump sinks the stocks this time on his tariffs announcement

If it wasn’t Powell, it is now Trump and his tariffs announcement. However, it is all just excuse for large investors and trades to unload and possibly buy back again cheaper as small guys start running in panic.

On this blog I try to advocate having clear head and stay calm. Listen to big investors like Warren Buffett who says days like this when stocks go down it is good news!

And boy it was a great day today!

I actually like days like this… fast selling or steep buying… both great for trading. I could ride this market down, make money doing so, and close some trades (most at gains, some at a loss but well offset by other gains) raise cash, and make tons of money.

All it takes is to have a strategy, plans for every situation and execute that plan.

However, today, I was proven wrong with my expectation of a market being on a trajectory of recovery to new all time highs. Now, it seems that we are going to re-test the 200 DMA before going higher again. However, I am slowly being convinced that this bull market is going to an end by the end of 2018 or first half of 2019. That means I am going to raise cash this year as much as possible to get ready for a wild ride.

As a dividend investor I will still keep holding my dividend growth stocks. My selling strategy is only when the stock is removed from the David Fish CCC list (which happens when the company cuts its dividend or fails to raise it). However, I will keep more cash on hand to be ready for more stock buying as they will fall.

As a trader I will attempt riding the market swings and its fall but I will attempt to raise cash and ride the slump with less trades than I have now.


 · Trading activity today


A summary of opening and closing trades.
(balance + $2,844.00)

What a day today! At some point I love days like this as you can make tons of money.

030118 trades
030118 trades
030118 trades
030118 trades

What is your expectation of the market?

Are you prepared for the possibility of a bear market?

How do you feel after days like today?

Was today trading bad for you and your portfolio? Or do you accept this as a great opportunity to buy more shares?

Share you thoughts with us! We will post them for all investors and traders to learn from it!

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