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Up – down – up – down, get used to a choppy trading

Boy, I am glad I decided to close my puts yesterday. Today’s trading, so far, is clearly indicating one thing – indecisiveness. At this choppy trading I will stay out (keeping my already open positions). I need more days to see where the market will go. That’s a part of being patient, which I have struggled many times with and always wanted to be in a trade.

I may also exit my GLD iron condor. If the GLD price remains at $180-ish level, I will make my max profit planned on this trade, but the risk is, it may spike up and the trade may turn into a loss. So shall I take roughly $160 profit or wait? That’s the question?

See all my holdings here.

Happy Trading!

3 responses to “Up – down – up – down, get used to a choppy trading”

  1. Jack says:

    It would be nice to have a program (for example for Strategy Desk) and automate trading in this market.

  2. Carry says:

    I haven’t been interested in an article about stock investing in a long time. Your take on this subject pulls a lot of weight with me. Your article is very intelligent and I enjoyed reading it. Deleted by hellosuckers.net

  3. Alex says:

    Amazing what happend when the GD Fed starts manipulating the interest rates and the dollar goes into the programmed afternoon decline.

    Any you wonder why you have lost 30 percent in wages during the past ten years when you adjust for inflation. Thanks for the investing advice!

  4. Juan says:

    I’m no fan of the big investment firms, but this may be a sign our economy is really heading down hill fast.

    You can thank our politicians for putting their interests above the countries

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