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Updating our stocks and options holdings review

For some time I was neglecting updating our stock and options holdings on this blog. Most of the time, I was updating these positions on Facebook but since I decided to leave Facebook for good, I returned back here and will be updating our positions in this blog again.

I manage four (4) accounts of various size and the strategy is simple – accumulate dividend growth stocks by:

  • small deposits every month
  • reinvesting the dividends
  • reinvesting options premiums

The goal is to pick undervalued dividend growth companies and keep buying them until we reach 100 shares.

Once we reach 100 shares, we move to another stock and start accumulating that stock too while selling covered calls on the already accumulated stock. As soon as we accumulate the new stock pick to 100 shares, we again move to another stock and start selling covered calls.

Reinvest all proceeds until the income from dividends and options premiums exceeds our expenses.

If you want to see what stocks we currently hold, which stock we are accumulating, and what options positions we trade, go to Trades & Income page.

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