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US steel (X) strangle trade roll

Another of my strangle trade against US Steel (X) got ready for a roll.

As my calls against US Steel (X) got closed today, I decided to roll the puts into the next week:

BTC 1 X Mar3 38.50 put
STO 1 X Mar 17 37.50 put
STO 1 X Mar17 37.00 call
@ 0.67 credit limit DAY

The trade executed and we rolled the puts into the next week.

X rolling

2 responses to “US steel (X) strangle trade roll”

  1. Peter stawski says:

    Very interesting , in Australia dealing mainly in index futures

    • Martin says:

      I tried trading indexes in the past but got burned. Evidently not an instrument for me. Individual stocks work well for me so staying with them.
      Good luck and thanks for stopping by.

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