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Visa sold on stop loss

Last Friday Visa has been beaten down by bad news (still boo boo news in my opinion) about impact of regulatory act and Fed creating the new fee rules or whatever they are going to mess with the free market (which seems to be free no more). Investors were selling like crazy and I sold my shares on stop loss order.

09/09/2010   11:20:39   Sold  20  V  @  67.2806

Today morning Visa lost another 3.30% on downgrades and it seems it will be heading further down. I am definitely postponing any buybacks of this stock. However, as soon as this stock finds its bottom we may expect quite great run up, for which I am planning to keep some money available.

Also I am starting the accumulation process and parking my free money into more conservative investments. I decided to buy HSTIX mutual fund as my savings vehicle and I will buy some dividend ETFs to help recuperate my portfolio.

09/09/2010   20:43:20   Bought  60.606  HSTIX  @  8.25


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