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Web feature – stock quotes ticker

recently I received a few emails telling me that when the visitor comes to my website they receive a warning message about an application asking for permission to run and some consider it as malware.

The reason you are receiving this warning message is due to Java application I added to my website. I originally had a stock ticker running on my website and I added it back to my new website again. the ticker is created in Java and the new version of Java Environment is showing this warning message.

First, if you are running the older version 7 update 10 and lower your browser probably blocks the plugin completely, so you do not see the ticker at all. if you updated your Java for Windows to version 7 update 17, you will be able to see the ticker, but the application will be showing a warning message.

If this is the case, then it is related to your Java setting which is probably set to high or Very High security setting (go to Start>control panel>Java in Windows XP or Start>Control Panel and type in search “Java” in Windows 7; then click on Java (32bit) and under Security tab you can change your settings).

Of course, if you do not want to change your Java security setting, just decline the warning and next time it probably won’t ask again, but the applet won’t run, which is fine.

I am working on this to resolve it (convert the output into HTML), but it will take time. meanwhile you can either change the security level or decline the applet.

However, there is no malware or virus on the website nor the site is changing/breaching your computer or tablet security.


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