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What a day today!

SPX opened down significantly as investors digested Trump’s healthcare failure. At least that’s what headlines were showing this morning.

Evidently, they had great digesting today as the markets recovered most of the losses and went from 0.98% loss to about 0.10% at the end of the day. Let’s just hope that they will not suffer from diarrhea tomorrow.

The Trumpfear seems to be premature and over-reaction.

I took advantage of the move and adjusted a bunch of my trades (see the picture below). This brings my trading results to be positive for March as at the beginning of the month, I closed a trade for a loss hoping I would be able to offset the loss with other trades. It just happened. I realized $2,600 loss on March 1st closing the bad trade.

Today, I am slightly in green. If nothing changes, I should be finishing this month with around $300 dollars profit. Basically going from negative $2,600 to $300 positive. Although, I would love to see the entire amount as my monthly gain, I am happy. I got rid of a bad trade and still finish in green.

Here are the trade adjustments from this morning:
Trade adjustments

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