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What are the best companies to invest money in the US in 2020?

If you have a plan and know what you are doing, you should have a watch list of companies you want to invest in. These companies should be great to buy any time, not just in 2020.

But without knowing your objectives, goals, strategy, risk tolerance, time horizon, or amount of money you want to invest, there is no way to tell you invest in this stock or that stock to make tons of money in 2020. No one knows the future and what is a great company today, may be a bad company tomorrow.

Investing in someone else’s tips and recommendations is a sure way to lose money. A person giving you a tip may have a totally different goal, strategy, and knowledge than you. And if the stock or market conditions change, they will adjust their position or get out (usually without tell you), so you will be the one losing money. Not them…

So, do your own homework rather than looking for a miraculous stock, a holy grail, which will make you rich over night.

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