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What if it was you – communists are comming, banning and confiscating your profits

Imagine a situation like this: you work hard, sacrifice when you are young, learn a lot, invest a lot and take an enormous risk at the stock market. But because of a big effort, learning, striving, sacrificing your time, money, and life, you succeed and make it up high.

There are stories of successful people out there who made it. And this time I am not referring to stock market tycoons like Jesse Livermore, but regular guys who made it in this generation and reached the top, such as Timothy Sikes, Mark Cuban, or Karen “The SuperTrader” who turned $100,000 into 41 million in 3 years and later into 105 million dollars.

What if, one day, you reach the same level, and make millions of dollars too, or you even make billions of dollars. And I do not consider this impossible. I believe in it and I hope for it and strive for it. Yes, it is my goal too to learn trading and investing so in 3, 4, or 5 years I turn my account into a million dollar business.

Does it sound nice to you? Are you dreaming about the same goal and what life it can be for you?

And then communist Thom Hartmann and similar crones shows up and ban and confiscate excess wealth. These people do not care how you got the money, whether you started a business which turned out to be a billion dollar business, invented a new technology, or made money trading in the stock market. For them, this is immoral to have such money. These people never strived, sacrificed, postponed their vacations or purchasing things they wanted, studied hard. No, these people were sitting on their butt, doing nothing and dreaming how come, you got successful and they didn’t. And so it is very right to steal from you.

See for yourself:


If you personally believe in these ideas, I want to assure you that there were political systems on earth in the recent past which tried to apply this equality idea and forced it on their citizens. No matter how great idea it is, it only works well on paper and never in reality. The only result was that everybody was poor, but the corrupted political leaders, and if you made a bit more money you were immediately prosecuted and arrested. Citizens became lazy, didn’t strive for their goals and dreams, learned how to steal, (there was a saying: “Who doesn’t steal from the Government, steals from his family”), and the system sooner or later bankrupted.

Take dreams from your people and they will become apathetic crowd with no ambitions. Believe me; I once lived in such a system.

2 responses to “What if it was you – communists are comming, banning and confiscating your profits”

  1. Scott says:

    Hey Martin,

    Thanks for posting that video. It had me laughing for awhile. But, it’s very scary at the same time that those kind of people make up a large percent of the voting public. Some more videos you may be interested in:

    Former Soviet Citizen confronts socialists at occupy wall street: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KurgemG4H5c

    Peter Schiff educates misguided people at occupy wall street: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGdH7iGNqlY

    They are very much in the same vein as the video above. Keep up the great posts!


    • Martin says:

      Yea, I know those videos, I watched almost everything from Peter Schiff as he makes a lot of sense although for many people he sounds crazy and some of his ideas are quite scary even for me. But he makes sense in his economic views and I believe it is the way any economy should work and not the way FED is trying to implement their 100 year old experiment.

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