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Which stock to buy?

Dwarf As I mentioned many times before and it is a part of my strategy, I use 50% of my options trading proceeds and buy dividend growth stocks; dividend aristocrats to be exact.

As Warren Buffett said that he considers diving stocks an investing blessing, every investors who buys stocks to hold them for a long haul must be very happy with current prices of the stock market.

I am really happy about this sell off. Although the portfolio is losing on paper (since the existing holdings are losing value) it is just a temporary state which doesn’t concern me at all.

In fact, my current holdings are still in a positive territory and I am still about 2.5% up for the year. Most of my net-liq drop is caused by my open options positions and since, except about two trades, all are out of the money, I have no troubles with shrank net liq at all.

Now I have a different paradox to solve.

Before, when the stocks were reaching all time highs, investors and I were constantly asking (complaining) which stocks to buy since they were all overvalued (I disagreed with the valuation part). It was hard to choose a stock and buy at a good price.

Now we have an opposite situation.

Almost all stocks except few in my watch list are in a correction mode and thus a good candidate to buy. I made nice money yesterday riding the stock market down to its abyss but not enough to buy all stocks in the watch list.

Now, I have to choose.

Watch list

As of now I am looking at JNJ, OHI, AGNC, and CVX.

What do you think? Which of the stocks from the watch list would YOU buy?

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