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Why is Visa a great buy opportunity?

Recently Visa (V) was pushed down several times and mostly because of boo news. Somebody is clearly manipulating the stock. Somebody is scared of Visas prospect. Why? Who knows and who cares. The best of all this is, that Visa is still a 100 dollars stock. Buying at these levels we experience today provide you with a chance to make some 40% profit within a year.

I searched on the Internet for articles to find out more about this stock and all I could ever find strengthen my own belief in this stock. Even more I am convinced to hold or buy more (but now I do not have enough funds to buy more).

Who’s Afraid Of Visa?: Get In on Today’s Market Action!

Visa had a blow out quarter and will continue to do so, –DEBIT IS KING and will remain King. Investing in Visa is like investing in money—-If you believe people will still be using money to buy things, then Visa is a winner because DEBIT IS Money–which is why Transaction volume was up 14% this past quarter–And for the rest of the year? Expect it to rise past 20%. And get this–Payment volume was up 27%in the euro region, and as Ben Thomas over at Real Money.com said that ”looks nice”. It sure does Ben. But why is the Stock down over 4% today? Well, the big reason is, as Settembrini once told me–

–” Most stock market prognostics are bound up with everything that is despicable, fultile,…..They are sprits who see only the minute, day to day facts, and who are utterly incapable of stimulating great universal ideas, of understanding the clashes and fusions of politics, or the soaring of the bright, flaming ideal and it’s effects on individuals or whole peoples, into the long term heights.”
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