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Posted by Martin December 07, 2023

Navigating the Noise: A Case for Ignoring Market Predictors and Gloom-and-Doom Pundits

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial markets, investors are bombarded with a constant stream of opinions, predictions, and analyses from various sources. From the talking heads on CNBC to market predictors and gloom-and-doom commentators, the noise can be overwhelming. This blog post aims to explore why investors should consider tuning out these voices and focus Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 07, 2023

Market Consolidation continues

The market had a tremendous year after 2022 bear market. Many investors and pundits refused to accept it, some still continue predicting doom and gloom. We rallied but later, we see a market consolidation in place. The market started turning lower last few weeks and it really seemed that it will flip to a correction. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 06, 2023

Why some investors say dividends are irrelevant?

Some investors argue that dividends are irrelevant because they believe a company’s value is determined by its overall financial health and future growth prospects rather than its dividend payouts. In this view, investors may prefer companies that reinvest profits for expansion or share buybacks, potentially leading to higher stock prices. Additionally, in a tax-efficient portfolio, Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 05, 2023

Mastering Risk: A Guide to Proper Risk Management When Selling Options in a Margin Account

Selling options in a margin account can be a lucrative strategy for experienced investors, but it comes with inherent risks that demand careful consideration. To navigate these waters successfully, it’s crucial to implement a robust risk management plan. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the key principles of proper risk management when selling options Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 04, 2023

Opinion: S&P 500 Poised for All-Time High by End of 2023

As we navigate through the complexities of the current economic landscape, several compelling factors point towards a potential surge in the S&P 500, propelling it to new all-time highs by the close of 2023. Here are strong arguments supporting this optimistic outlook:     Economic Recovery Momentum:   The global economy is on a robust Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 04, 2023

Our Crumbs strategy still worked despite today’s selloff

Last Friday, the market jumped up and broke above what I thought was a rollover pattern. If the breakout was legit, it would make it a consolidation. But today, the market sold off and erased all Friday’s gains. Despite that, our Crumbs strategy worked. But on Friday, it all looked like we were going higher. Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 04, 2023

Decoding Retirement Strategies: Living Off Dividends vs. the 4% Rule

As individuals approach retirement, the critical question of how to generate a reliable income becomes paramount. Two popular strategies that often emerge in this discussion are building a portfolio for living off dividends and following the 4% rule. Both approaches have their merits and drawbacks, and choosing the right one requires a careful consideration of Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 03, 2023

Contest Announcement: Guess the S&P 500 Friday Close Challenge!

This contest is now closed for voting. It is also invalidated as we had less than 5 participants. We hope you join us next week for a new contest!   Contest voting CLOSED from Sunday December 3rd – Wednesday December 6th   Welcome to the Guess the S&P 500 Friday Close Challenge!   We’re thrilled Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 03, 2023

What’s ahead this week in the economy and the market?

The commencement of the Federal Reserve’s blackout period is underway. The Federal Open Mouth Committee is set to maintain radio silence until after the forthcoming FOMC meeting on December 12-13. The economic indicators slated for this week are poised to sway their sentiment, providing assurance that the robust labor market is undergoing a desired cooling Continue reading →

Posted by Martin December 03, 2023

Jamie Dimon’s Cautionary Economic Outlook: A nuanced perspective amidst uncertainties

During the recent New York Times DealBook Summit, Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, voiced concerns about the economic landscape, issuing a cautionary perspective on the ongoing fight against inflation. Dimon emphasized the unparalleled scale of government deficits and debt, suggesting that these financial challenges could persist in the foreseeable future. He pointed to Continue reading →